Ironball 120

Iron Ball is a game for two teams.  Similar to English Football (or 'Soccer'), each team must attempt to hit an Iron Golem into a goal.  The first team to score 10 goals is the winner.

How it worksEdit

Each Iron Ball game requires 2 teams of players, and 2 non-playing impartial participants.

Several Iron Golems are queued below the pitch, created manually by one person who stays below the pitch to ensure a steady flow of Iron Golem throughout the game.  A second person is required to stand in the 'Commentator's Booth' hanging directly over the pitch, as they will press the button to release an Iron Golem for each round of the game.

To start each round, the Commentator presses the button above his head, releasing an Iron Golem, and the person below the pitch creates a new Iron Golem for the end of the queue.

The two teams of players, meanwhile, will 'push' the Iron Golem toward their opposing goal, trying to make it fall into the pit behind the goal mouth.  The goal has a lava layer which kills the Iron Golem and returns it's iron ingots to the system.  When a goal is scored, the round is over, and the scoreboard will automatically add one point.

Play continues until one team has scored 10 points on the scoreboard.


  • Only a bare fist must be used to push the Iron Golem.
  • If an Iron Golem dies on the field, the score is unchanged, and a new golem is generated


Iron Ball Scoreboard

The scoreboard is found on the side of the arena. Lights move from the outside toward the middle each time a goal is scored.

Scoring is done automatically by sensors in the goals.  When an Iron Golem passes through the goal, the score lights on the arena wall wiill advance towards the centre.  The first team to light the light nearest to the centre is the winner.

Unfortunately, these sensors can also be triggered by players falling into the goals.  If this happens then a 'free goal' may be given to the opposing team by throwing any item into the opposite goal.

Resetting the ScoreEdit

Before each game, the scoreboard should be reset.  This is done by moving the two levers on either side of the scoreboard into the 'down' position.  When you do this, you will see the lights quickly cycle to the centre of the scoreboard, then all go out.  When all the lights are out, the scoreboard is ready for the next game.

Ties Edit

Ties occur because each match is at most 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, if there is a tie, we will resort to see who made the most goals (single person) whichever team has the person who made the most goals, wins. If there is a tie in that field also, we will flip a coin.

Rounds Edit

The following shows what teams play each other in the Iron Ball championships.

Section Round Team
Elimination 1 Red
2 Blue
Finals 1 Winner of Round 1
Winner of Round 2