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Enderlympics is an event that tests the players' skill with Ender Pearls.  The aim is to try to complete the course, "Ender-pearling" from one pillar to the next, in the fastest possible time.

Each run on the course is timed, providing a score at the end.  The player with the lowest score has the fastest time, and wins the event.

Enderlympics Start

The start of the course, showing the timing station and first 2 towers.

Timer and ScoringEdit

Each run on the course is timed, this is done by flowing iron ingots into a chest. There are two levers at the timing station:

  • The top lever will allow ingots to flow into the chest.
  • The bottom lever will allow ingots to flow out of the chest.

Normally, both levers should be off, and the lights unlit.  To start a timed run, you need to:

  1. Ensure there are no items in the chest, and both levers are off.
  2. Turn on the bottom lever first to 'lock' the chest.
  3. Turn on the top lever to start the timer.
  4. Complete the course as fast as you can.
  5. Turn off the top lever to stop the timer.
  6. Check the chest to see your score.
  7. Turn off the bottom lever to empty the chest for the next player.


  • Only one player should be on the course at a time.
  • Each player should start with one stack (16) of Ender Pearls.  This gives one pearl for use from the top of each tower, and 6 'spares' which may be used at any time.
  • You must start the timer before starting the course, and should stop the timer as fast as you can after completing the course.
  • You must reach the top of each pillar, and touch the pillar ID sign, before throwing an ender pearl towards the next pillar.
  • If you run out of ender pearls, you must walk the rest of the course, and climb each ladder to the top of each tower.
  • You can do up to three trials of the Enderlympics. Out of the three, you can choose your best time and record it. You can choose not to do three trials, but you can not exceed it.
Enderlympics Route

Overview showing the clockwise route through the course.


The course follows a vaguely clockwise route through the woods.  Each pillar, except one, sticks up above the trees, making it easy to see. Below is a table showing each tower, and the direction of the next one.  It also described how to reach each tower, although you may wish to use one of your 6 spare ender pearls in order to speed up the journey.

Pillar ID Height
(y at top)
Description Next Pillar
1-MJ 77 First Pillar, use ladder from timer station to reach the top. 160° (North), -9° (higher)
2-MJ 88 On top of trees in the woods. Impossible to ender-pearl to, and has tricky ladder at the bottom. Aim for tree tops a little to the right, then run for the ladder. -174° (North), 5° (lower)
3-MJ 84 On a Mushroom. Can ender-pearl to bottom of the ladder. If you miss, then you'll need to parkour up the mushroom blocks to reach the ladder, or use an ender pearl for speed. -112° (East), -1° (higher)
4-MJ 86 Cannot be reached by one Enderpearl. Just get as far as you can, then run on treetops to reach the ladder, or use a spare enderpearl. -141° (North-East), 0° (level)
5-MJ 86 Cannot be reached by one Enderpearl. Just get as far as you can, then run on treetops to reach the ladder, or use a spare enderpearl. -106° (East), -3° (higher)
6-MJ 90 Can almost reach the bottom of the ladder, but aim slightly left to avoid landing in the water. -18° (South), 18° (lower)
7-MJ 67 By far the shortest pillar, this is near the ground on a sandy beach. It cannot be reached in one enderpearl, but requires a short run on the sand. 41° (South-West), -43° (higher)
8-MJ 103 It is possible to reach the bottom of the ladder with one ender pearl, by aiming slightly left of the top of the pillar. This is the tallest pillar, but don't stop to admire the view. 43° (South-West), 14° (lower)
9-MJ 82 Tricky to reach due to the pond in front of it. Can aim left to use parkour logs over the pond, or right for a run to the ladder, or use 2 pearls. 61° (South-West), 0° (level)
10-MJ 82 You can ender-pearl straight to the top of this pillar from the previous one. The easiest jump on the course. 47° (South-West), 23° (lower)
11-MJ (Runway) 68 It's easy to overshoot the runway, and then you have to run around to pass through the final arch. Aim down at 7° or 8° and you should reach the runway. Run to the timer!