Description Edit

The Building Competition is a game that is based of the Building Championships of many servers, such as Mc-Central and Hypixel. The object of the game is to build the best creation you can within 10 minutes (Based off of the theme). There is a catch though, you will only receive 5 different stacks of items, and must work off of them. After 10 minutes our judges will come out and judge the competitors builds. Whoever has the best builds moves on.

Rules Edit

  • No usage of designs; all builds must be original
  • No breaking any blocks in the arena unless they have been placed by you
  • Must place crafting benches or furnaces in the gold blocks under the 'MJ'
  • Must not bring anything into the arena
  • Each player will have 10 minutes to build, no more, no less
  • Only use the tools given
  • No help from others
  • Must stick with the theme
  • Can only use the items in the arena, basically, enter the arena with nothing on you, there will be chests for storage on the first level

Rounds Edit

The following shows who is scheduled to play who in the Building Competition. There will be 2 rounds of Pre-Elimination to even out the playing field.

Section Round Name Team
Pre-Elimination 1 PhotonMan Blue
BLA_KE Yellow
2 Mosher1024 Yellow
FamilyCraft_Dad Green
Hanzzer1 Red
Triple Elimination 1 Winner of Round 1

of Pre-Elimination

Jamdoggy Red
WhisperFire26 Blue
Slinky___ Yellow
2 Winner of Round 2

of Pre-Elimination

ebalmain Blue
Troop1701 Yellow
Penguinos Green
3 Babyyyz~ Yellow
bumpyagents6 Green
PaulFitz Blue
JiaLiPandafox Yellow
Finals 1 Winner of Round 1

of Triple Elimination

Winner of Round 2

of Triple Elimination

Winner of Round 3

of Triple Elimination