Boom 120

Boom Box

Boom Box is a last-man-standing game for 2-4 players.  The object of the game is to try to place TNT blocks in such a way that you blow up your opponents, while at the same time, avoiding being blown up yourself.

How to PlayEdit

Before starting, each colour-coded team start room has a chest to store your items, and a bed to set you spawn point.  All players should use these.  The Boom Box Arena is a labyrinth which has a 1-block-deep layer of water.  Almost the entire floor is 'live', meaning that placing a TNT block anywhere on the floor will instantly light it.  You simply need to place TNT near to your opponents, and blow them up. Each round will end after 10 minutes, if everyone (accept 1 player) has not died 3 times, the person with the least amount of deaths wins. If it is a tie of deaths, the player with the most hearts at that moment wins. IF NOT, then it will be a randomly selected winner.

Each player has 3 lives. When you die, you should appear back in the start room, and can immediately re-enter the arena. When you have died for the third time, your game is over.

The winner is the last player still alive.

Loot ChestsEdit

Dotted around the floor of the area are holes containing loot chests while periodically fill with randomly selected items, which may include:

  • TNT
  • Golden Apples
  • Notch Apples
  • Splash Potions of Harming
  • Splash Potions of Poison
  • Wool Blocks


  • Only 1 player should only enter the start room of their corresponding team colour, and only when ready to begin playing.
  • All players should use the bed in their start room, to set their spawn point.
  • All players should empty their inventory into the double-chest in the start room.
  • The Iron Door to exit the start room should only be opened by all players at the same time, at the start of the round.
  • TNT must ONLY be placed on the floor, in water.  Damaging the arena will lead it instant disqualification.
  • Wool blocks (found in loot chests) may be used to block explosions, or to hamper an opponent's progress.
  • Supporting Team Members may spectate through the glass ceiling of the labyrinth, and are encouraged to provide as much vocal assistance as they can.  They may not, however, enter the start rooms or the labyrinth.

Rounds Edit

Section Round Name Team
Tripple-Elimination 1 Slinky___ Yellow
tombot1 Red
ebalmain Blue
Dan_The_Man_999 Green
2 FamilyCraft_Mom Blue
Trooop1701 Yellow
Penguinos Green
Z_Magic_Man Green
3 Babyyyz~ Yellow
bumpyagents6 Green
JiaLiPandafox Yellow
Autumn Red
Finals 1 Winner of Round 1 TBA
Winner of Round 2
Winner of Round 3