Boat 120

Boat Racing is a race for up to 4 players.

Boat Racing is a race for up to 4 players. Each player has to complete the entire course by boat in the fastest possible time.

The first racer to cross the finish line is the winner.


Boat banners

Banners show the route you should take.

Each participant must start between the wooden jetties at the start of the course, and follow the marked route. Up to 4 racers can start at the same time, and there is a choice of alternate routes - some shorter but harder to navigate, and some longer but straighter.

All racers in each race should start at exactly the same time, and race their boat as fast as possible without crashing. If a boat hits an obstacle, it will break, and the racer must immediately place a new boat and continue racing.


Boat map

The route from start to finish.

The boat race starts at the wooden jetties at the southern end of the course, shown on the map to the right. Racers should follow the banners along the route. Arrows show the direction that should be travelled. Where there are two or more choices of path to take, a double-ended arrow is depicted on the banner. A 'No Entry' banner is shown if a path leads back to the start.

Shortly after the start of the race, the path splits into 3. The longest, straightest path on the right, and the shortest, but windiest in the middle. Once the 3 paths meet back up, you travel under an arch, then a tunnel.

After the tunnel, there is a narrow, winding shortcut on the right, or the main path continues north-eastward. Simply follow the arrows until you reach the end of the course, when fireworks will be set off as you cross the finish line.


  • Each racer may start with an inventory full of boats, but a minimum of 5-10 is recommended.
  • All participating racers in each race must start at the same time.
  • If a boat breaks, the racer must immediately place a new boat, and continue racing.
  • A timer should be used to work out a total time for each racer.
  • All unused boats should be returned to the start of the course.
  • After 3 minutes, if you are not done, we will start another round, and you will have to move out of the water and, sadly, walk back.

Rounds Edit

The Boat Races will consist of double and single-elimination rounds. There will be one round of triple elimination to even out the playing field.

Section Round Name Team

(Heat 1)

1 WitheredAway Red
ToastInTheHole Yellow
FamilyCraft_Dad Green
2 RedJambo Red
toad_bunny Green
PaulFitz Blue
3 tycho1984 Red
AlexIsMyName Green
Slinky___ Yellow
4 Jamdoggy Red
ebalmain Blue
Dan_The_Man_999 Green
5 tombot1 Red
FamilyCraft_Mom Blue
Troop1701 Yellow
6 Z_Magic_Man Green
CocoChip6 Yellow
Hanzzer1 Blue
Triple-Elimination 1 Babyyyz~ Yellow
WhisperFire26 Red
noodles1598 Green
AutumnJustice618 Red

(Heat 2)

1 Winner of Round 1 TBA
Winner of Round 4
Winner of Round 5
Single-Elimination 1 Winner of Round 2
Winner of Round 6
2 Winner of Round 3
Winner of Triple-Elimination
Finals 1 Winner of Double-Elimination

(Heat 2)

Winner of Single-Elimination

(Round 1)

Winner of Single-Elimination

(Round 2)